What Does A Business Broker Do?

Your business broker is a lot like a real estate agent but instead of selling family homes, your business transfer agent sells businesses.


Your Business Broker

Buying or selling a business might be the most important decision you ever make. This is why many people turn to a professional business broker to help guide them through the process. But what exactly does a business broker do?

Your business broker is a lot like a real estate agent but instead of selling family homes, your business transfer agent sells businesses. They work with the seller to find a motivated buyer who is usually a person who wants to make their newly purchased business succeed. They simply work as intermediaries between the buyer and seller, much like a real estate agent would do if you were looking to buy or sell a house.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, a business broker can make the process easier, allowing you to focus on what is important to you.

It's Easier with the Right Broker

The process of putting up your business for sale can cause any business owner more stress and anxiety. The best business brokers will offer services to alleviate your stress, such as appraising the value of the business and performing the due diligence to make sure the business is going to be worth the price you are asking. They then will list the sale of the business either publically or confidentially, depending on the needs of the seller and interview prospective buyers to qualify them for transfer.

Do You Dream of Owning Your Own Business?

Many people dream of owning their own business. It truly is what many in the United States would constitute as the quintessential “American Dream”.

Shawn Davis and his team at LINK Business understand this and they can help you get off to the best possible start. Shawn and his team exercise the due diligence and prepare for all the possibilities to take into account when buying and running a business. Current market conditions, pricing, profitability and business financing can all impact your sale or purchase of a business. Shaun and his team will carefully take the extra time to help you meet your lifestyle goals. They always approach a client with a personal touch and quality of life considerations for things such business hours or commute, which can often be overlooked.

If you’re selling a business, the brokers at BuyOrSellBusiness.com can help you properly value the price of the business and assess the potential profitability and growth. Since business brokers usually have a direct relationship with many potential buyers, they know what buyers are looking for. Your business broker can provide valuable advice so that you can be aware of key details that can help make your business more attractive to buyers. Business brokers can also help attract more prospects to your business for sale with their extensive network of business resources, contacts and referrals.

Shawn and his team at LINK Business have a vested interest in the success of both the seller and the buyer. So you can be confident that no matter which side of the transaction you are on, there is a professional business broker always looking out for your best possible outcome.

About Shawn Davis

Shawn brings almost three decades of experience in the financial services, real estate, and IT sector to his current role as a business broker at LINK Business. Throughout his career, Shawn has shown an unparalleled commitment to building close professional relationships with his clients. Whether he is working with high-value investors or assisting older business owners with their career transitions, he is constantly working to identify each individual’s specific needs so that he can deliver tailored solutions that match up to their expectations.

This customer-centric attitude has led Shawn to considerable success across his professional life. In his previous roles, he consistently ranked amongst the companies’ top producers and was tasked with leading marketing and outreach strategies in highly competitive markets.

Shawn is a Computer Science graduate who is well-versed with a variety of data analysis tools and software. This strong technical background augments Shawn’s already proven sales and negotiation skills. At LINK Business, Shawn is able to use these multifunctional competencies to create optimal outcomes in each business transaction. When he takes on a client he dedicates himself to understanding the industry and market that his client operates in, so that he can provide honest assessments of their business and its current readiness for sale. This honesty is central to Shawn’s appeal. Although he is always working to secure the best terms for his clients, he places the highest possible premium on trust and is committed to keeping his promises under any circumstances. Shawn’s character and integrity have allowed him to develop a strong reputation in the brokerage industry over a short period of time. Shawn’s clients see him as a valued advisor that can always be trusted to offer an objective opinion when required.

Despite his accomplishments, Shawn is driven to achieve even more. This ambition makes Shawn a formidable business partner in any scenario. Clients can always be assured that he will go the extra mile to ensure their success, as well as his own.

Shawn currently lives in Southern California with his wife of 15 years Connie and two children Kayla, and Tyler. When he isn’t marketing or making deals, he can usually be found making music or hitting the waves. Shawn is also a firm believer in giving back to the community, and regularly volunteers at his local Mercy Warehouse to arrange donations and other programs for families in need.


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