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With a combined population of over 5 million residences as well as many outlying regions, including the Puget Sound, the area enjoys an annual growth rate as one of the fastest in the US (Wikipedia 3.1%). The continuous growth in the business sector made for a smooth landing for BuyOrSellBusiness.com where we began to see immediate positive results with our team of brokers and our customers.


With our primary roots in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, we began to receive inquiries from sellers and buyers alike beyond our geographic target.  As a result, we began to deploy our talent outwards.  Now covering the entire Southern California area with a population of nearly 10 million and with strategic placements in San Diego, BuyOrSellBusiness.com enjoys a much larger area of focus and growth.

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Robert Slattery

Designated Broker | DRE: 25765 | robert@blackwellre.com | (425) 205-1000

Robert Slattery is the founder of Blackwell Real Estate. His signature process has helped his many clients and the clients of Blackwell’s agents grow their net worth and cash flow. Robert is the author of the upcoming book “Math Wins” that outlines his model for achieving financial freedom and complete time control using rental property income. Robert’s team is currently expanding its brokerage activities into multiple cities across the United States. The Blackwell Team is on a mission to help three million Americans break free of the rat race and take complete control of their time before the end of 2030. Now as a partner to BuyOrSellBusiness.com and managing broker at two of BuyOrSellBusiness.com’s locations, Robert lends his years of experience and expertise to the Business Brokerage world. In his oversite role, Robert is the go-to leader quick to lend a hand or give bits of wisdom drawn from the well
of many years of success in business. Known as easy to talk with and solution-based responses, employees and customers alike appreciate knowing that Robert is close ready resource for all business needs and guidance.

When Robert is not busy helping clients and coaching Blackwell agents, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife Pam and their three amazing children. He is an avid fan of the outdoors and enjoys hands-on projects around his home, his church, or helping friends. Robert and his family live in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Tacoma, Washington.

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Tom King

Business Broker | DOL: 137910  |  tom.king@buyorsellbusiness.com  | (360) 731-2608

Tom moved from California to Washington while still in the Navy. As a 20-year veteran who strives for perfection, Tom brings the same level of passion and results-focus to his career as a business broker and real estate agent.

Prior to entering the business brokerage world, Tom held responsibilities working closely with entrepreneurs and business owners in the manufacturing sector. Consequently, he understands the “ins and outs” of running a business and is a natural at helping people reach their goals and finds great satisfaction in that role.

As a team leader, that same attention to detail and no-nonsense approach ensures that his clients are able to rest assured as he focuses on details, proper steps, and the ultimate goal of either selling a business for a client or helping those interested in buying a business. Clients enjoy Tom’s friendly demeanor and listening skills as he rolls up his proverbial sleeves to simply get the job done.

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