How Do I Evaluate & Market My Business Sale?

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If you are planning to sell your business soon, you may be wondering: how do I evaluate and market my business sale? There are some very specific things that you will need to prepare in advance. First, you’ll need to put your financials in order, perform due diligence on the current market as well, to get an accurate and precise …


How Do You Know if it’s Time to Sell Your Company?

Dan Alway Sell A Business

If you are thinking about selling your company soon, you likely are interested in learning about other people’s experiences. You may also want to learn about aspects like the selling process, identifying the potential buyer, and pricing your business. All of these are essential in making the right decision. Selling your business is a huge undertaking that needs massive research, …

Amazon Announces $15 Minimum Wage: Will Affect California Business

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What Amazon’s New $15 per Hour Minimum Wage Means for the State of California Business In early October of 2018, reports came buzzing in about Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos and his decision to start all of their employees at a $15 minimum wage. Many Californians see this entry-level wage increase as a boost for the local economy. Essentially, this is a …